Apr 20, 2008


No, I really don't hold any kind of grudge against Sidney Sheldon. Its just that the only thing that I appreciate about Sidney Sheldon after reading Sidney Sheldon's "Are you afraid of the dark?" is that he affirms millions of wannabe authors that anyone can become a popular author even if you are horrible at making fictional stories look convincing.

This novel deals with the two wives of two men who worked for a think-tank named Kingsley International Group(KIG). The two men when murdered, their wives set out to uncover who was responsible for it and what was the reason for the killings. The reason is because the men knew about a legendary system which could control weather.

However, what I would like to be explained is that how do the women escape and think of things that are so crucial to the plot. They literally dream of the next move by their enemies then work accordingly. So that really put me off throughout the book. Even the enemy who is the head of the seemingly 'invincible' KIG just dreams up off the location where these two women might be. Moreover, to think that he believes that these two women could possibly uncover the secrets is absolutely mythical. Basically, the whole of the book seems impossible and except for a few sentimental scenes where the wives miss their husbands the rest of the book is highly unrecommended.


Rini said...
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rinii said...

Sidney Sheldon stands on his reputation of the world's best storyteller.The suspense,intrigue and passion in 'are you afraid of the dark' dominated the man's most magnificient creation.The book is a passionate unforgettable story of the two widows to find the truth lying behind the mysteriuos death of their men in apparent accidents.
The truth which was known to the chief executive of the mighty global empire 'kingsley international group', for whom the men worked.

Sidney Sheldon spins a hypnotic , terrifing web - of danger and death,of love and truth.

i agree with above book review of how the women escape every time they are trapped in a plot....how could the simple working ladies think ahead of the global think tank and plan their escape?

Well ,the novel is entirely a work of fiction.though the whole book seems impossible it is powerful enough to drag us along ,remain glued till the very end.

Djemba Djemba said...

first of all, if you write fiction, its because the story has not happened in reality but, IT COULD. However, what this dude Sheldon writes is not convincing nor is he in any kind of contact with reality as far as this book is concerned. He is an intresting writer but that's about as far as it goes-nothing more!

Suebobjoe said...

I read one of Sidney Sheldons books a long time ago "Rage of Angels" so I expected a good story. I am no writer but I could definitely write a better book than "Are You Afraid of the Dark". It was awful!