Sep 20, 2008

Men In The Back Seat

More often than not, a man does not make it in life because he did not try hard enough. In other cases, the guy is a plain idiot, that apart, some men want everything but don’t have anything at the end of the day.

So what happens when these frustrated, discontent men get into a relationship or even get married to a woman who has according to definition become “successful”? Think of yourself as an elder brother who is not as competent as younger brother, he is intelligent; people ask him for help, advice and so on. All you do is watch and be prompted by your mother to tell him how good he is.

This scenario hits you in the wrong spot, doesn’t it? Ego- that is the monster causing the problems everywhere and even if your ego subsides because of your blood relation, the fact is that it won’t subside in the case of a “bed-relation” i.e. with your woman.

As we grew up certain fictitious but rigid boundaries were made to be formed in our mind, like a man has always to be better than the woman in a relationship- when nature has not prepared any rule like that. So while you earn 15,000 INR from your call-center job, your girl is the General Manager for Toyota getting paid over a lakh per month. You drive her car-need to ask her for the keys by the way. She pays the loan installments for that plush apartment you rest your butts in. Handsome, suave, clean-shaven men make way into the living room of your home as colleagues of your wife while you sit on the couch with pouch-eyes sipping on that bulk-discounted beer brought from your salary.

Trust me, you’d be a million miles from the destination called “happy in a relationship”. A relationship like this takes a big toll on the guy’s “manliness” and he thinks he is manly-less. Leaving that aside, the man eats his heart out with his insecurities. When the guy is in a relation with alpha-girl insecurity turns out to be one of the major reasons for rift in the relation. Thereby, it makes it very unfeasible to continue with.

How faithful are the women in such a relationship where the guy is second string? That is another blog post.

Sep 12, 2008

Alpha Male

He is generally almost unnoticed in a party or in the club. He will have is drink in one hand, when you look at him, he will generally avoid eye-contact. He simply lurks from one corner to another and hides in the crowd.

Then in contrast you will find another guy entertaining a group of men and women, laughing and talking loudly. His Rolex and Versace will advertise his success. This guy's got a slick hairstyle and his physique will show the months of training he has put in for it. He is the alpha-male.

Then there is the alpha-girl, who has done well in her professional front, gets her paid vacation to Paris, New York, Tokyo etc. She drives a gargantuan SUV and you know wrong words in front of her would land you in mess. The lady knows that she's beautiful and takes immense pleasure in keeping guys dangling.

But with success comes the insecurities, succesful woman are insecure and generally the guys who generally dare to approach her will be the men who have reached her level or more- The alpha male.

There was this time when the woman always wanted her man to be much better than herself and be the more succesful of the two. This trend has been showing a decline as woman are slowly no longer preferring alpha-males. These woman would rather be in a relationship with guys who are not as good as them. These guys are shy, have a mediocre profession and are great emotional cushions. They can be better controlled than the succesful men who are the top-honcho's of different MNC's.

When a woman becomes succesful she has more experience of life. She knows the ups and downs and has surely seen the ruthless way of operation of alpha-males. Alpha-males unfortunately, have the high tendency to be unfaithful, abruptly break-off relations. They are instable as they have a very hectic lifestyle.

Moreover, alpha-males tend to be more artificial and may not be too good at understanding the emotional aspects of the woman no matter how well he might know to treat the woman. And women these days with increasing independence know what they want exactly they want. These woman do not have any problem in taking the driver's seat.

But what about the men who finally, wind up with such women? That is a question to be answered by a seperate blog post after this one.

Gigolos Cashing In

If you are smart, handsome, charming and can make great conversations. Maybe then there is a profession which can pay you a lot. And yes, this profession could be just a part-time job from the real job you may hold as an executive, manager, mechanic or whatever.

Gigolo's have never had it better in India. The IT sector seems to have starved women for some love- so much so that it does not matter if it is fake or real. Most of the men do not seem to have the time for their women, whom they had wooed after much struggle! So when the love is cut-off from the men in their lives, women turn to gigolos or more informally named species- call-boys.

Gigolos are a different species from normal men as they are patient, understanding to women and are great in bed. Their smartness adds to their marketability.

Women-married or committed, are now turning to gigolos for the extra affection that they long for. Apart from the extra-care that these men provide, they don't crib when women shop, take great interests in what their women say and are great eye-candy's. Most importantly, women find sex with them no strings attached.

While shopping these men are like what the woman's husband or boyfriend were at some point of time. They have an opinion and took interest in what she looked good on. Gigolos flirt well and are very interesting to converse with. They know to treat the woman well and like chocolate, satisfy the craving and make an impression which forces women to return to them again for another bite.

Women generally turn to gigolo's when they have husbands who are too busy to have time for them and boyfriends who are extra-emotional. Gigolos have also been utilized for causing envy to an ex or to a friend of the girl.

Males in this profession are all smiles, "Most of my clients are married women, they pay me well-about 30,000 to 40,000 bucks per night. Give me expensive gifts and we get along great in bed." says one.

These males get to go to great places, all on the womans credit card (or her hubbie's-who cares?) and all they have to do is to shower these women with affection.
Women even take these men abroad for holidaying to exclusive places and the man gets paid for the great holiday he gets with lady.

What gigolo's do is simple, give what the woman wants- make her feel special and beautiful. Its not difficult especially if you have over 20 such clients with whom you are making love overnight or on a boat in Venice in regular basis. Its just practise and practise makes Perfect.

Sep 8, 2008

The Modern Woman

Women, most of them, no longer believe in the ‘One-Man’ philosophy. A movie named “All about Anna”, the opening lines of the film were, “A woman needs three men- one for adventure, one for interesting conversations and one for good sex.”

This line is so emphasizing on the fact that women have finally realized the power they wrest on the incompetent male mind. They know what they need and have lost certain conscience relating to relationships. The liberated female is showing off now with posh, extravagant parties on her birthday. Lavish treats for her promotion and expensive gifts for her ‘men’, no longer man.
To be fair, these women would rather experience life as young as they can rather than garner instability after marriage. The ‘virginity as a gift of marriage concept’ has been thrown out of the window, “What a waste...” is what one hears.

Let us take the life of a 27-yeat old call center executive woman. She has a steady boyfriend in the city and she has frequent nocturnal flings with her foreign boss. However, she has no guilt about her habits. “It’s fun minus the baggage, it’s a normal working day the next morning”, she says. Does she think it degrades her character, “How can having sex degrade me, it’s a need like any other. I accept I need my boyfriend to support me but I also need sex and sex with him would entail a lot of emotions. It’s more complicated than one-night stands.” Guilt is hardly a factor on the cards; it’s been, done and forgotten before you know.

These words once came out of a guy’s lips; they had the sole right to flings with as many women he needed but always remained at a distance from the girl he actually loved. Though it is pretty much the same, the only difference is that the women have come neck to neck with men.
Then again there have been interesting stories which might seem slightly silly. In a recent incident, a friend- a woman came over to the guy’s house. When he was making tea in the kitchen, the woman apparently appeared naked at the kitchen doorway and was trying to intimidate the man. Generally, men would have been happy beyond control but a few men are still very reserved and are shocked at the over-whelming independence and power of women. Given the circumstances, there are still men who respect women and such incidents can shock them.

Women now know that at the end of the day it is all about loving yourself and doing what you enjoy rather than wasting a life loving and most importantly living for someone else.

Sep 5, 2008

Hybrid Vehicle Abstract

The hybrid vehicle proposed in this abstract utilizes the large amount of heat that is developed in a conventional I.C. engine. The temperature in an I.C. engine reaches temperature up to 1500 degree Celsius. This temperature is largely due to friction acting between metal to metal contact and hydrodynamic stresses in oil films. The friction heat is eventually removed as waste heat by the engine cooling system.

However, this waste heat could be utilized to provide auxiliary power to the vehicle. Heat energy has been ignored as a source to generate power for the car.


The idea is to introduce a gas turbine system along with a conventional I.C. engine of the vehicle. The gas turbine will utilize the heat energy which otherwise is wasted into the atmosphere.
When the engine gets heated up, the coolant is run through the I.C. engine to keep it from very high temperatures. As the coolant cools the engine, it itself becomes very hot as it completes the movement through the engine. The gas turbine system introduced possesses a low boiling point working fluid (butane etc.) which gets vaporized under the influence of the hot coolant.

The high pressure gas is channeled into a pipe and outlet on to a small turbine through a nozzle. Thus, the high pressure gas hitting the turbine blades will rotate it and produce electricity for a D.C. motor. The electricity maybe used for the D.C. motor- which rotates the wheels. Also, it maybe used for storing in a battery.

In cities, when a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle runs, a lot of energy is wasted since the car is slowed and left idle a lot many times due to heavy traffic and other obstructions.

However, an I.C. engine continues to provide power constantly at all times even if that much of energy is not needed. Thus, a lot of the energy is lost to the braking. When we use the brake pedal to slow the vehicle, we are removing the kinetic energy which the car possesses as it moves at a speed. We can captures some of this energy and apply it usefully by a method called “Regenerative braking”.

Regenerative braking- The electric motor is placed in connection with the wheels of the vehicle. When a car is braked, the wheels still rotate due to the momentum. This rotation of the wheels since, attached to a motor can produce electricity in the D.C. motor and subsequently stored in the battery. When the car is again accelerated the stored electric energy from the battery can be utilized for the rotation of the wheels thereby reducing the load on the I.C. engine.
Thus the proposed vehicle utilizes a gas turbine engine to utilize the heat effectively which otherwise is released as waste energy into the atmosphere.

To be more marketable many of the vehicles manufactured today have powerful engines that guzzle fuel but are unremarkable in cities due to congestion. The continuous braking wastes a lot of the power that these engines produce. Regenerative braking makes use of this wasted power due to braking i.e. the loss of kinetic energy. Regenerative braking can produce a minimum of 7500 kg m/sec2 of energy to be stored into electric energy. Assuming the average vehicle weighs 500 kilograms.

Aerodynamic drag is the physical force which resists the motion of the vehicle through air, in turn, making the engine work harder to move forward. This affects the fuel mileage. Therefore, the body should be streamlined.

The side rear-view mirrors could be eliminated from vehicles.
Presently, the tires are manufactured considering comfort, which is for a quiet and smooth ride. However, if the tires are stiffer and inflated it has been practically proved to reduce the drag by half- which is by no means negligible.

Cumulatively, on integrating all the above features we will have the model of a highly efficient hybrid car.