Sep 20, 2008

Men In The Back Seat

More often than not, a man does not make it in life because he did not try hard enough. In other cases, the guy is a plain idiot, that apart, some men want everything but don’t have anything at the end of the day.

So what happens when these frustrated, discontent men get into a relationship or even get married to a woman who has according to definition become “successful”? Think of yourself as an elder brother who is not as competent as younger brother, he is intelligent; people ask him for help, advice and so on. All you do is watch and be prompted by your mother to tell him how good he is.

This scenario hits you in the wrong spot, doesn’t it? Ego- that is the monster causing the problems everywhere and even if your ego subsides because of your blood relation, the fact is that it won’t subside in the case of a “bed-relation” i.e. with your woman.

As we grew up certain fictitious but rigid boundaries were made to be formed in our mind, like a man has always to be better than the woman in a relationship- when nature has not prepared any rule like that. So while you earn 15,000 INR from your call-center job, your girl is the General Manager for Toyota getting paid over a lakh per month. You drive her car-need to ask her for the keys by the way. She pays the loan installments for that plush apartment you rest your butts in. Handsome, suave, clean-shaven men make way into the living room of your home as colleagues of your wife while you sit on the couch with pouch-eyes sipping on that bulk-discounted beer brought from your salary.

Trust me, you’d be a million miles from the destination called “happy in a relationship”. A relationship like this takes a big toll on the guy’s “manliness” and he thinks he is manly-less. Leaving that aside, the man eats his heart out with his insecurities. When the guy is in a relation with alpha-girl insecurity turns out to be one of the major reasons for rift in the relation. Thereby, it makes it very unfeasible to continue with.

How faithful are the women in such a relationship where the guy is second string? That is another blog post.

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