Sep 12, 2008

Gigolos Cashing In

If you are smart, handsome, charming and can make great conversations. Maybe then there is a profession which can pay you a lot. And yes, this profession could be just a part-time job from the real job you may hold as an executive, manager, mechanic or whatever.

Gigolo's have never had it better in India. The IT sector seems to have starved women for some love- so much so that it does not matter if it is fake or real. Most of the men do not seem to have the time for their women, whom they had wooed after much struggle! So when the love is cut-off from the men in their lives, women turn to gigolos or more informally named species- call-boys.

Gigolos are a different species from normal men as they are patient, understanding to women and are great in bed. Their smartness adds to their marketability.

Women-married or committed, are now turning to gigolos for the extra affection that they long for. Apart from the extra-care that these men provide, they don't crib when women shop, take great interests in what their women say and are great eye-candy's. Most importantly, women find sex with them no strings attached.

While shopping these men are like what the woman's husband or boyfriend were at some point of time. They have an opinion and took interest in what she looked good on. Gigolos flirt well and are very interesting to converse with. They know to treat the woman well and like chocolate, satisfy the craving and make an impression which forces women to return to them again for another bite.

Women generally turn to gigolo's when they have husbands who are too busy to have time for them and boyfriends who are extra-emotional. Gigolos have also been utilized for causing envy to an ex or to a friend of the girl.

Males in this profession are all smiles, "Most of my clients are married women, they pay me well-about 30,000 to 40,000 bucks per night. Give me expensive gifts and we get along great in bed." says one.

These males get to go to great places, all on the womans credit card (or her hubbie's-who cares?) and all they have to do is to shower these women with affection.
Women even take these men abroad for holidaying to exclusive places and the man gets paid for the great holiday he gets with lady.

What gigolo's do is simple, give what the woman wants- make her feel special and beautiful. Its not difficult especially if you have over 20 such clients with whom you are making love overnight or on a boat in Venice in regular basis. Its just practise and practise makes Perfect.

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Armaan said...

are you kidding me?? I don't think there are gigolos who get paid so much.. Well, this is just your dream man.. In reality, women wont pay so much n r scared to go out for gigolos as their hubby might come to know abt it.. Anyways, its a nice way to get hits and give hope to many young guys who r trying hard to earn money and have sex being a gigolo!!!!!!!:)