Sep 8, 2008

The Modern Woman

Women, most of them, no longer believe in the ‘One-Man’ philosophy. A movie named “All about Anna”, the opening lines of the film were, “A woman needs three men- one for adventure, one for interesting conversations and one for good sex.”

This line is so emphasizing on the fact that women have finally realized the power they wrest on the incompetent male mind. They know what they need and have lost certain conscience relating to relationships. The liberated female is showing off now with posh, extravagant parties on her birthday. Lavish treats for her promotion and expensive gifts for her ‘men’, no longer man.
To be fair, these women would rather experience life as young as they can rather than garner instability after marriage. The ‘virginity as a gift of marriage concept’ has been thrown out of the window, “What a waste...” is what one hears.

Let us take the life of a 27-yeat old call center executive woman. She has a steady boyfriend in the city and she has frequent nocturnal flings with her foreign boss. However, she has no guilt about her habits. “It’s fun minus the baggage, it’s a normal working day the next morning”, she says. Does she think it degrades her character, “How can having sex degrade me, it’s a need like any other. I accept I need my boyfriend to support me but I also need sex and sex with him would entail a lot of emotions. It’s more complicated than one-night stands.” Guilt is hardly a factor on the cards; it’s been, done and forgotten before you know.

These words once came out of a guy’s lips; they had the sole right to flings with as many women he needed but always remained at a distance from the girl he actually loved. Though it is pretty much the same, the only difference is that the women have come neck to neck with men.
Then again there have been interesting stories which might seem slightly silly. In a recent incident, a friend- a woman came over to the guy’s house. When he was making tea in the kitchen, the woman apparently appeared naked at the kitchen doorway and was trying to intimidate the man. Generally, men would have been happy beyond control but a few men are still very reserved and are shocked at the over-whelming independence and power of women. Given the circumstances, there are still men who respect women and such incidents can shock them.

Women now know that at the end of the day it is all about loving yourself and doing what you enjoy rather than wasting a life loving and most importantly living for someone else.

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