Sep 12, 2008

Alpha Male

He is generally almost unnoticed in a party or in the club. He will have is drink in one hand, when you look at him, he will generally avoid eye-contact. He simply lurks from one corner to another and hides in the crowd.

Then in contrast you will find another guy entertaining a group of men and women, laughing and talking loudly. His Rolex and Versace will advertise his success. This guy's got a slick hairstyle and his physique will show the months of training he has put in for it. He is the alpha-male.

Then there is the alpha-girl, who has done well in her professional front, gets her paid vacation to Paris, New York, Tokyo etc. She drives a gargantuan SUV and you know wrong words in front of her would land you in mess. The lady knows that she's beautiful and takes immense pleasure in keeping guys dangling.

But with success comes the insecurities, succesful woman are insecure and generally the guys who generally dare to approach her will be the men who have reached her level or more- The alpha male.

There was this time when the woman always wanted her man to be much better than herself and be the more succesful of the two. This trend has been showing a decline as woman are slowly no longer preferring alpha-males. These woman would rather be in a relationship with guys who are not as good as them. These guys are shy, have a mediocre profession and are great emotional cushions. They can be better controlled than the succesful men who are the top-honcho's of different MNC's.

When a woman becomes succesful she has more experience of life. She knows the ups and downs and has surely seen the ruthless way of operation of alpha-males. Alpha-males unfortunately, have the high tendency to be unfaithful, abruptly break-off relations. They are instable as they have a very hectic lifestyle.

Moreover, alpha-males tend to be more artificial and may not be too good at understanding the emotional aspects of the woman no matter how well he might know to treat the woman. And women these days with increasing independence know what they want exactly they want. These woman do not have any problem in taking the driver's seat.

But what about the men who finally, wind up with such women? That is a question to be answered by a seperate blog post after this one.


skiplacour said...

Is that what REALLY want?

Vivek Krishnan said...

Yea, women want to be in control and there is no way a headstrong man is going to allow them that!