Jun 11, 2008

Seasoned Jogger

After a very long time I finally managed to wake up early morning around 5am with a very special purpose in my mind. It is my semester holidays after all and I reserved the right of being a sleepy head. However, my strong conscience pleaded me to do something about my huffing-puffing respiratory conditions. So today I woke up and unveiled my dad’s jogging shoes, which were shunned to obscurity by him. The condition of the pair of jogging shoes to say the least was, less than satisfactory. It had gathered the dust of a year or so and I coughed as I cleaned it just enough so that I could use it. In the process I ended up messing up my house with dust. Fortunately, my mom was asleep and had no idea about the dust storm that I was creating in her house. Truly, ignorance is bliss. So after all the adventure with the shoes I left my home for a jog.

What I found the best part of an early morning jog? The cool breeze, the dew laden grass, the golden silence or the empty, winding streets with scrawny street dogs yawning. To be frank what I really liked was the great effects my earplugs offered early in the morning. You won’t believe how many new beats I discovered in the songs that I had been listening regularly. You don’t hear them in the hustle and bustle of the day. I think early in the morning is the best time to listen to artists like Coldplay, Chris Rice and James Blunt. You really don’t hear their real music until you haven’t heard it in complete silence.

I almost forgot, be ready to direct a lot of goods vehicles and trucks to their destination. None of the drivers seem to know where to go, all they have is a piece of paper with an address on it and early morning joggers like me are left to feel like air traffic controllers with an amazing number of vehicles asking for direction, thanks to the thin pedestrian traffic at dawn.

Besides this one drawback I also enjoyed the prospect of meeting a jog-mate, preferably a female. No, nothing more than a jogging friend. But no such luck. So I went for a huge lap around my area before I returned home by six. My parents were still sleeping-I had forgotten the keys. They would be less than glad if I rang the bell and woke them up crashing their sleep. But standing outside the door sweating I did ring the bell. About five minutes later my dad opened the door with a haggard look on his face, “Sorry dad, good morning.” Then I handed him the morning newspaper which was put outside by the vendor.

The jog was great and I promised to be regular as I headed to the bathroom for a cold shower.

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