Dec 19, 2008

Five Tips To New Bloggers

Welcome, to the new look of my blog. Yesterday, I woke up from my deep slumber and I realized that my blog was actually visited and approved by my visitors. But like serious writers/bloggers I too am no longer interested in writing blogs that are purely commercial in interest. As a notice to my regular visitors - I am more focussed on writing topics of more useful nature. The journey for hadleystreet has been a long one. This blog started on July 29, 2007. This makes it more than one year of blogging and yet my blog is not half a popular as the one's
that started maybe even two months back.

Trust me I am a very amatuer blogger and perhaps have an even longer road of learning in front of me.

However, I would like to share my advice to new bloggers yes, that is unsolicited but still it could help maybe reach my level faster than I reached it.

  1. In the beginning your blog should have all kinds of topics and not just the one related to your liking. Its important for getting some google ranking.
  2. Always browse other blogs, the Blogs of note in Google and learn from them what makes you want to stay and
    read their blogs. You could maybe even add them in your blogroll.
  3. Always label your posts, after a few months it's great to have a label cloud on your homepage.
  4. Try networking with your real life friends for a blog network. Its important to atleast feel that someone is reading your stuff.
  5. Google Adsense is completely your personal choice. However, it is completely needless until you have some heavy
    traffic coming in.


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