Jul 19, 2007


For 38 years Sarah Winchester went to sleep with the sound of hammering around her. No lullaby could have soothed her more as a widow from the loss of her husband and grieving for the death of her son. She was on an extraordinary life objective.

When her husband died she inherited about $20 million and also a daily income of $1000, from William’s holding in the Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

Many people were killed from the rifles manufactured from the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. and a considerable fortune to Winchester cam from the sales of these guns. The souls of the victims- there were thousands of them- told Mrs. Winchester that they had destroyed the life of her husband and son as revenge. If Mrs. Winchester were not to abide to their commands she would always incur the same wrath.

Sarah Winchester was never reported to be an eccentric in her life. What she did was perhaps was anyway too expensive for any eccentric to imagine! I mean, they could have, after all then why the hell are they called eccentrics then.

The medium that warned her of her life demanded that she buy a house and keep building it to expand it until the end of her life. On doing so, she would not be troubled by the spirits.

The house that Mrs. Winchester was constructing was to be specially designed for the spirits. She brought an eight-room farmhouse at Santa Clara Valley in California. There until 1922, the year she died, work continued day and night as the hammer banged planks and nails. After each days work Mrs. Winchester would retire to her séance room, where she would get instructions by the medium for the next requirements in the house and if any changes be made from the earlier planned architecture by the spirits. In the morning Mrs. Winchester would relay the same to the Chief Carpenter.

The myriad features in the architecture of the house serve dual purposes.

For example there are doors that open into thin air.

One reveals a closet no more than an inch deep. What seems to be the door of the closet leads to a 30-room suite. One set of stairs leads to another set, which then leads back to the same story.

Another stairway has 44 steps and turns 7 corners- but rises a mere nine feet. Stairs leading to the ceiling one of the bizarre features introduced (as shown in picture).

To spare the spirits embarrassment, as they are not reflective, the house has only two mirrors. The lighting of the house is spectacular as they are placed such that humans do not cast any shadow as the spirits don’t cast them either.

38 years of incessant labor acknowledged a house spread over 6 acres that contains 160 rooms. Originally, there were 750 rooms but they were torn apart and replaced as the spirits changed their plans. The Winchester remains one of the most phenomenal houses wrought by history due to its structural complexity. It contains six kitchens, 40 bedrooms, 467 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, 40 stairways, 52 skylights, six safes and a shower.
The entire house cost Mrs. Winchester close to $5.5 million of what she called her blood money to lift a curse- and a provided a feast for lovers of the bizarre and the extravagant.

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