Jul 14, 2007


The Indian HRD Ministry is planning to initiate an apex body for all the government bodies which as of now function separately for Higher Education. The matter will be taken up as a Cabinet note has already been issued.

This plans comes under the guise to make all technical education departments such as All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), Medical Council of India (MCI), Dental Council of India (DCI) as one single entity and under the supervision of the new commission- termed by the media as Super-UGC. Even the UGC, University Grants Commission will be under this super-regulatory body.

The government expects this move to bring about uniformity in all fields of higher education such as medical, agricultural, engineering etcetera. The proposed apex body will look into access, equity, relevance and quality in higher education.

An official said, “At times, these regulatory bodies work at cross-purposes resulting in higher education policy losing its focus. There should be uniformity in the education policy. Therefore, the proposal has been made to create a federating body.”

He also added that the UGC was instated to function as above but its function got clipped.

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